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Exhibition Planning and Design

QA has planned, designed, and installed both permanent and temporary exhibitions for dozens of museums. Whether the exhibition is a large blockbuster or a small presentation, QA strives to provide a unified intellectual and visual experience to visitors through exhibits and displays that convey the artistic and/or historic significance of the objects. Careful consideration is given to circulation and the organization of exhibit furniture as well as to the overall character of the installation including the appropriate graphic treatment and the lighting.

QA is recognized in the museum field for its expertise in the recreation of historic and period rooms. QA engages in extensive research on historic colors, fabrics, proportions, and architectural details and often recruits local artists and craftsmen to help create and build different historical/decorative components.

The Green Lantern Study – Recreated Parlor
Palaces of St. Petersburg: Russian Imperial Style
Mississippi Arts Pavilion, Jackson
Photo: Steven Brooke

As museums adopt new ways to educate visitors and enhance their experience, QA maintains an active research in the ever-growing technologies of video, computer, and interactive exhibit components.

Way-finding Interactive Exhibit
Smithsonian Institution, Information Center

QA pays special attention to the nuances of casework design including the choice of materials and finishes, and the provisions for necessary conservation measures.

Art of Asia – Permanent Collection
The New Orleans Museum of Art
Photo: Judy Cooper